445w Perlight Delta Mono Total Black Solar Panels arrive at HDM Solar

HDM Solar stock Perlight Delta Mono Total Black 445w Solar Panels

HDM Solar are proud to announce the arrival of the most powerful total black solar panels commercially available in the UK. The Perlight Delta Mono Total Black 445w.

Our team were busy unloading yesterday these unparalleled panels, so what makes them unique?

445w output from a panel that is smaller than most 400w panels. Just 1096mm wide and 1899mm tall.

Industry leading 30 year warranty

Superior performance through life of the panel

Total black, no bus bars, no visible cells, just black.

MCS Accredited, Tier 1 manufacturer.

Those who have used the Perlight Delta Mono Total Black panels in the past will know what a truly premium panel they are. JA solar, Canadian Solar, Longi, Jinko just can't compare. Get the next generation for your next job today to elevate yourself above the competition.

A typical UK roof of 4.2m high X 9m wide would fit 16 of these panels giving a system output of 7.12kw.

Using 400w Longi as an example at 1134mm X 1722mm would get 14 giving a system output of 5.6kw a truly remarkable difference. 

All delivered on our state of the art vehicles by our trained team to ensure they arrive in perfect condition.

HDM Solar stock the full range of Perlight panels:

  • 410w Half Cell All Black (Comparable to JA Solar, Canadian, Jinko, Longi All Blacks) from just £129 + VAT
  • 415w delta mono total black 
  • 425w delta mono total black
  • 445w delta mono total black

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The Panels in this article are available to buy here:


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By Daniel Rogers

445w Perlight Delta Mono Total Black Solar Panels arrive at HDM Solar


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