Solar Panels

Solar Panels, or Photovoltaic (PV) panels as they are sometimes known, collect sunlight and convert into electricity for your domestic or commercial building. Our extensive range of solar panels are perfect for a wide range of projects and are available in several wattage ratings from less that 300W to over 500W. If colour and finish is a priority we stock stylish total black mono solar panels as well as the reliable silver frame monocrystalline panels.

You may be looking to switch to solar to save on energy costs or reduce your carbon footprint. Ask us about creating or expanding your solar panel array with our range of solar panels from the world's most respected manufacturers including Canadian Solar, Perlight and JA Solar.

If you need advice and guidance for the best solar panel system for your commercial or domestic building please get in touch.

Read more about black solar panels in our article Black Solar Panels Are An Uber Cool Look For Your Roof.


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