Solar Battery Storage Systems

Solar Battery Storage Systems

Solar Battery Storage

If you're thinking of investing in solar panels adding a high-quality solar battery storage solution to your system is the way to store any unused energy your solar panel system produces during daylight hours. Our extensive range of battery storage products will help you make the most of your renewable energy generation so that you can use it even after the sun has set.

Battery back-up and solar storage systems

Solar panels are really efficient at capturing the sun's energy and turning it into usable electricity for your home or business. If you generate more than you are able to use should consider adding a battery back-up. Including a solar battery or storage system for your PV installation will make it possible to store any surplus energy so that you can use it when the sun is not at its strongest or overnight. 

Use your solar battery to reduce your energy costs

Harnessing the free energy provided by the sun is a sure-fire way of reducing your electricity bills, you can reduce your energy costs even further by including a solar battery backup in your solar panel system. What's more, you can even make money by selling surplus energy back to the electricity grid.

The energy produced by the sun is reliable and abundant, even in the UK climate! Once you have a solar panel system and battery storage solution installed you will no longer have to be concerned with power outages.

The latest solar battery systems enable you to monitor the energy being produced and the available capacity of your battery enabling you to gauge your reliance, if any, on an external electricity supply from the grid.

How much energy can a solar battery store?

At HDM Solar we stock a range of batteries to suit a variety of solar installations. Capacity is measured in kWh, each user's needs will be different, for example, if you have a large property, or want to charge your electric vehicle, you may want a larger battery. You should also make note of the 'usable capacity' as this is a measurement of the maximum energy you can make use of and is different from the 'total capacity'. If you need help choosing the right battery get in touch or check out our complete solar kits with batteries.

Solar panel energy 24 hours a day

It doesn't take much thinking to realise solar panels don't work at night, but with a battery installed, you can still make use of the sun's energy at night. This will further reduce your reliance on grid electricity.

Is it safe to have a battery in your house?

The short answer is yes. Where you choose to site your battery is important and it is vital that a professional installer advises you about where best to install your battery. Some battery models have specially designed mounting solutions to ensure your solar battery is securely fixed in place. Most solar battery storage solutions work best between 10-40ºC so it is worth considering the temperature of the location you choose to house your battery. Manufacturers must ensure their product complies with the latest safety standards and most come with at least a 10 year warranty for your peace-of-mind.

Our top 4 solar panel energy storage batteries

1. PylonTech US5000C 4.8kWh Li-Ion Solar Battery 48v

The PylonTech US2000C is a new battery in the US series from Pylontech. The US5000 is a 48V battery with incredible features. Developed with their own lithium-ion phosphate cell to ensure the highest safety value and most promising life cycle. It boasts a 4.56kWh usable capacity and over 6000 charge cycles at 25ºC. Other models in the range include the 2.4kWh US2000C and the US300C 3.5kWh batteries.


2. SolaX Triple Power HV 5.8kWh LFP Master Battery V2

The perfect match to X1-Hybrid, X3-Hybrid, and X1-AC, the SolaX Triple Power LFP battery is available as a Master Battery 5.8kWh and a Slave Battery 5.8kWh. Each Master can be installed with up 3 Slave batteries in series (charger dependent) for up to 23.2kWh storage capacity. It is easy to install too with simple 'plug and play' cables included.


3. Fox ESS HV2600 V2 2.6kWh HV Battery Module

The Fox ESS LV5200 is capable of discharging at up to an impressive 90% of its capacity. This makes the LV2600 a great value for money product to expand the potential of your solar panel system. What's more, it can be added to for extra capacity by linking additional battery modules. The Fox ESS HV2600 comes with a 5 year warranty that can be extended to 10 years when registered.


4. GivEnergy 9.5kWh Li-Ion Battery

The GivEnergy 9.5kWh is a great size battery with a discharge depth of 100%. It's a heavy unit at 110kg so location and mounting should be carefully considered. With a 10 year warranty this unit with give peace of mind and reliable performance for years to come.


If you need more help and advice when choosing solar panels, batteries, inverters and accessories for your solar panel installation project get in touch with our experts by email: or call 0800 0016 802.

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Solar Battery Storage Systems


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