Power Inverters

Power inverters convert the DC generated by the solar panels into AC power for your home or commercial building.

String inverters allow you to create a cost-effective solar system if you'll either use all the energy produced or export to the grid what you do not use.

Hybrid inverters allow the addition of a battery to store any excess energy generated by the PV system for use later when the solar panels may not be collecting the sun's energy.

AC-coupled inverters allow you to add on battery storage to an existing system that does not already have a hybrid inverter.

All-in-one inverters may contain a combination of an AC-coupled inverter and a battery, or a full hybrid inverter with a battery.

If you're unsure which inverter to use we're happy to answer your questions, so just get in touch.


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SolaX X1 BOOST G4 3.6kW Single-Phase String Inverter | X1-BOOST-3.6K-G4

Regular price £431.02 (inc VAT £517.22)

SolaX X1 MINI G4 2.0kW Single-Phase String Inverter | X1-MINI-2.0K-G4

Regular price £316.75 (inc VAT £380.10)

SolaX X1 MINI G4 2.5kW Single-Phase String Inverter | X1-MINI-2.5K-G4

Regular price £291.66 (inc VAT £349.99)

Enphase EN-IQ7PLUS-72-M-INT Micro Inverter

Regular price £141.67 (inc VAT £170.00)

SolaX X1 MINI G4 3.0kW Single-Phase String Inverter | X1-MINI-3.0K-G4

Regular price £396.45 (inc VAT £475.74)

GROWATT MIC-3000TL X Single MPPT String Inverter

Regular price £274.99 (inc VAT £329.99)

SolarEdge 3,680W Home Wave Inverter - Single Phase

Regular price £832.50 (inc VAT £999.00)

SolaX X1 MINI G4 1.5kW Single-Phase String Inverter | X1-MINI-1.5K-G4

Regular price £224.99 (inc VAT £269.99)


Regular price £216.62 (inc VAT £259.94)

GROWATT MIN 3600TL X Dual MPPT with DC switch

Regular price £362.50 (inc VAT £435.00)

Solis 5kW S6 Dual MPPT - Single Phase with DC Isolator

Regular price £540.83 (inc VAT £649.00)

Solis 50kW S5 3 Phase 5x MPPT - DC Isolator

Regular price £2,374.17 (inc VAT £2,849.00)
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