HDM Solar Unveils New Customer Collection Centre

HDM Solar Unveils New Customer Collection Centre

After a meteoric rise in demand for Solar after the last few months the entire industry has battled with fulfilling the enourmous increase in orders, we are not immune from these challenges either.

To rise to the challenge, over the past month we've nearly doubled our staff head count, welcoming Melissa in Customer Services, Sam in Finance, John in Operations/Installation, Dan in the Warehouse and Andy & Richard in Transport/Logistics.

We know we haven't been perfect, but in pursuit of our goal of being the market leaders in Solar Panel supply and fitment we are delighted to unveil our new offices and customer collection point.

With just 3 hours notice on items in stock we can fetch the goods from our warehouse and make them available for collection at our new facility.

Our customer collection centre can be found at:

Unit 3, Carmel Park, Saltmarsh Court, Hull, HU4 7DZ

Hours of operation are Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

We'd love to thank all our customers for their valued business and we look forward to welcoming those who collect their goods from us.


By Daniel Rogers

HDM Solar Unveils New Customer Collection Centre


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