Battery Storage

Including a lithium-ion or lithium iron phosphate battery to your solar panel system enables you to store the electricity your solar panels generate for use later. They have a high energy density (kWh/kg), so can store more electricity for their size, and can discharge a larger amount of power at any one time.

We supply a wide range of reliable solar energy battery systems from leading international brands such as Sunsynk, Pylon, Fox ESS, Huawei and GivEnergy. Solar panel system batteries supplied by HDM Solar are available in low-voltage or high-voltage capacities and we also supply all the battery management systems and accessories your project will need.


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Fox HV BMS (Battery Management System) -V2

Regular price £142.50 (inc VAT £171.00)

Pylontech Low Voltage Solar Battery Communication Hub

Regular price £349.17 (inc VAT £419.00)

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